Will King was born and raised in Washington DC. One year after graduating from high school, Will started his entrepreneur journey March 1989 in the financial industry. Will is a Husband, Father of 2 beautiful daughters and a grandfather. Will have a passion for entrepreneurship and building your own through faith, hard work and partnership.

Will is a Business/Funding Consultant with Elite Vision Funding. In this role, Will and his team together work with clients to evaluate and best position their clients for success in the credit and funding space. We evaluate all aspects of their personal and business credit.

After securing millions of dollars in funding for clients, I’m a big believer that it doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish. Will, supports entrepreneur dreams, visions, hard work and willingness to step out in faith to take control of their future.

Will is qualified to consult on business/personal credit and business funding having walked the journey personally from low a 500 credit scores to now high 700 credit scores, from getting funding declines to now several hundred thousand in funding. Will holds a PH degree from the School of Hard Knocks and a Bachelor degree in Holistic Healing and Life Coaching from University of SeDona.

Will is no stranger to personal/business credit or business funding, having spent 32 years as a entrepreneur in the financial industry, which taught him the importance of overall financial literacy, importance of understanding credit, how to leverage good credit for funding.

Will has more than 32 years of entrepreneur experience in the financial industry.

Prior to starting his funding business, Will spent 24 years as a Insurance/Retirement Specialist. Before co-founding Elite Vision Funding in 2014 with his wife Stacie, Will worked 24 (years) with individuals and organizations, including as a independent contractor with the federal government as

a Financial Educator, startup businesses, small business owner on various types of retirement plans and insurance products.

In this role, Will was responsible for recruiting, managing independent agents in 3 states.

Will has a passion for spending quality time with his wife, entrepreneurship, inspirational speaking, traveling the globe, football, prison ministry, teaching entrepreneurship, inspiring others to connect with their higher self.


Stacie King is the co-founder of Elite Vision Credit and Elite Vision Funding, professional services organizations that provide a customized blueprint to improve one’s foundation and goals in life.

Her clients include but not limited to:

The new business owner (start-up)

The Fresh Starter – person who need to “undo to redo” to establish a strong credit foundation (personal or business)

The established business owner that wants or needs to leverage what they have accumulated thus far.

Before devoting her work full-time to Elite Vision Credit and Elite Vision Funding, Stacie served 20+ years as Human Resources Executive for a Fortune 500 company. From that experience, Stacie gained knowledge of how to motivate and build a high performing team. She is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking, C-Suite Professionals. Because of her expertise, Stacie can produce productive and sustainable results for all skill levels. During her Corporate America stint, Stacie received accolades and the Innovator of the Year award. Under Stacie’s headship, there were several successful multi-million-dollar mergers and acquisitions. Stacie’s passion to help others reach their potential, sparked her to join her husband, Will, in the Entrepreneurial space.

Although being a serial entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Funding Strategist is fulfilling, Stacie’s heart is overjoyed as a Wife, Mother of two beautiful daughters and Grandmother of two precious grandchildren. Stacie and her loving family reside in Texas.


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